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Conveyancing Solicitors

When buying or selling your home, remortgaging, taking out a lease, or doing any other kind of property deal, it is important to get all of the details right. Our conveyancing solicitors can handle the entire property transaction for you, including all of the necessary checks and searches to ensure there will be no hidden surprises after the deal has gone through.

Our conveyancing service


We offer conveyancing for a wide range of property transaction, including:


  • Buying and selling freehold and leasehold property

  • Remortgaging

  • Equity release

  • Gifts and transfer of equity

  • Lease extensions

  • Buying land and development sites

  • Buy to let property

  • Commercial property

  • Online conveyancing


Why you should use Alexander Shaw Solicitors for your conveyancing?


We are one of the rare firms that still likes to meet its clients and pride ourselves on the personal service. We have been serving clients in and around London. You will get a direct phone line for your conveyancing solicitor, so you can always get in touch for an update or the answer to a question. Alternatively, you can email he/she directly to their email address.


Our conveyancing fees


We offer fixed fee conveyancing. We aim to keep our fees transparent and competitive. We offer fixed fee conveyancing, meaning that the price we quote you upfront is the price you will pay unless there are unforeseen circumstances, in which case we will inform you of any additional cost at the earliest opportunity.


You can find a list and breakdown of our fees and key terms on the following links:



How long does it take?


A straightforward sale or purchase will usually take  8 – 12 weeks but if there are linked transactions, so you are selling a house and buying another this will usually take between 12 – 16 weeks depending on the number of other sales and purchases involved.


There is typically a week between exchange and completion on a sale or purchase to ensure that mortgage funds are released to the buyer.


A re-mortgage or transfer of equity would typically take 4 – 6 weeks from instructions and will again depend the work that is required

Our fees and some of our expenses are subject to VAT (currently 20%)

Who will deal with you case?

Matters of this nature are usually dealt with our Zoheb Chaudhry or Tasneem Raza

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