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Fees, Cost and Charges

We aim to provide our client the information they need to make an informed choice of the legal services we provide, including understanding what the costs may be.


Our charges are based upon the amount of time spent advising a client and dealing with a claim. We charge different hourly charge rates for our legal staff. These vary according to their seniority and experience. This is intended to reflect the cost to the firm not only of their time but also the time of the support staff and their share of the office overheads.


Our hourly rates are linked to the prevailing rate recommended by our local District Judge /Local Law Society/Senior Court Costs Office for the legal representative handling your claim. These are usually reviewed annually.

Please see the table which illustrates our current rates.

2023 - Rates

Grade A: £300.00

Grade B: £250.00

Grade C: £200.00

Grade D: £150.00


Our fees and some of our expenses are subject to VAT (currently 20%), this is payable in addition to the sums referred to in the above table.

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