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Employment: Fees

We are up-front and open about our fees from the outset of our relationship with you.

Our advice can range from simple matters such as advice on changes to working conditions or how to handle a difficult situation at work through to negotiating settlement agreements and handling Employment Tribunal claims.

Our fees and some of our expenses are subject to VAT (currently 20%), this is payable in addition to the sums referred to in the above table.


Initial Consultation


​We offer an initial consultation service, which includes:


  • 30-minute consultation in person - £125 + Vat


Unfortunately, legal aid is no longer available for employment law disputes. However, in line with our firm’s overall ethos, we aim to make justice accessible and affordable. 


Fixed Fees


We also offer affordable fixed fee packages in respect of Settlement Agreements and all types of Employment Tribunal Claims. In the event your case is more complex, we may consider that some, or all, of our work should be charged at an hourly rate. In this case, we would again advise you from the outset about likely fees and keep you updated throughout your case. 


  • Settlement Agreements: £500 + Vat

  • Non - complex - Employment Tribunal Pricing for Employees: £1,000 + Vat

  • Complex - Employment Tribunal Pricing for Employers: £1,500 + Vat


Expenses and Disbursements not included in the fee quoted


No fees are currently payable when bringing an Employment Tribunal claim.  However, a Claimant can be asked to pay a deposit and, in exceptional cases, either party can be ordered to pay the costs of the other.


Expenses and disbursements could include:

  • Usually we will be able to deal with all aspects of the case but, in some complex matters, we may need to engage the services of a barrister or other advocate (counsel) and their fees will need to be paid in addition – it is not possible to confirm the amount of counsel fees as this will vary but the fee could be between £750 - £1,250 (plus VAT @ 20%) per day (depending on experience of the advocate)

  • Independent expert reports e.g. medical experts. (plus VAT @ 20%). It is not possible to predict the cost of these as this varies according to the particular circumstances.

  • Travel costs to the Tribunal - there will be additional disbursements in respect of our mileage/travel expenses based upon a rate of £0.45 per mile or second class public transport (plus VAT @ 20%)

  • If we need to stay overnight then hotel accommodation may be chargeable (amounts subject to VAT @ 20%) but we would try and avoid there where possible

Services included in the fee quoted

  • acting as legal representative in the case

  • drafting relevant documents for the Tribunal and/or liaising with counsel on the same

  • attending all hearings

  • advising on progress

  • advising on the outcome


Services not included in the fee quoted

  • The fee will not include any advice or assistance on any follow up appeal or other action should the case be unsuccessful.  We can discuss any options and fees for those next steps if and when appropriate.   

Other Funding Arrangements


“No Win No Fee” Agreements


In certain cases, we may be able to offer a Damages Based Agreement (otherwise known as a “No Win No Fee” Agreement). This is where a solicitor’s fee is calculated as a percentage of the money (or damages) recovered, so you only pay legal fees from the damages awarded to you. This means that if no damages are won, then you are not required to pay us any legal fees. We will undertake an initial assessment of your case at the outset of your case to see whether your claim is suitable for this type of arrangement. 


A fixed fee of £350 plus VAT will be charged for this initial assessment which includes a written report setting out your likely prospects of succeeding with your claim.  

Check your insurance policies


It is always useful to check your household or other insurance policies as you could have legal expenses cover. If it becomes necessary to lodge a claim you have the right to select an independent solicitor of your choice to act on your behalf rather than a solicitor from the insurance company’s own panel, if you so wish.


​How long will the matter take?


The timeframe for handling this type of case can vary greatly and so it is extremely difficult to provide an estimate without knowing what the case involves. 


Some unfair dismissal claim cases can settle within a matter of weeks where they are resolved during the Early Conciliation Process but where the claim proceeds to a Final Hearing, the case could take anywhere between 10 to 75 weeks. There will be some cases though that can take up to 2 years so it is best to be prepared for this.

We cannot provide a timescale of when hearings will take place, as this depends on the tribunal listings.

Who will deal with you case?

Matters of this nature are usually dealt with our Zoheb Chaudhry or Tasneem Raza.

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