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Landlord and Tenant

When your home is at stake you want sound advice and fast effective action. Landlord and Tenant law is a relatively technical area and subject to constantly changing regulation. We have a reputation for resolving the dispute quickly and ensuring that your rights are protected.

We are particularly experienced in claims for housing disrepair associated with all kinds of damp, including rising damp issues and damage caused by penetrating damp.

If you run a business from home and such delay in repairing the property has caused financial loss, then you may be entitled to claim compensation for that too. Our experience in housing disrepair claims helps you recover the compensation you deserve.

If you are a tenant, we can help you with:

  • Defending your possession claim on the grounds of rent arrears.

  • Defending your possession claim on the grounds of anti social behaviour and/or breach of any tenancy agreement.

  • Representing you on any mortgage possession claim.

  • Disrepair claims.

  • Unlawful eviction.

  • Harassment.

  • Emergency injunctions for unlawful eviction.

  • Challenging the decisions of local authority on homeless applications.

  • Advising you on your right to council housing.

  • Judicial Review.

  • Challenging local authority decisions in the county court.

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