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Regulatory Enforcement and Disciplinary Proceedings

Whether you are an individual or a business, we provide legal advice and representation for regulatory enforcement and disciplinary proceedings. These proceedings can be based on a number of accusations, including bribery, corruption, fraud, misconduct or safety breaches. Such proceedings can be a daunting prospect if there is a risk of losing your job or livelihood. It is essential to obtain quality legal advice.


Representation for Proceedings

  • When faced with disciplinary proceedings or regulatory enforcement, we can represent you in defending these proceedings and, if possible, negotiate on your behalf.

  • We will also ensure that regulatory bodies follow their own procedures correctly and that their decisions are properly considered. We can represent you in taking an appeal if necessary. If the regulatory body is a public entity, judicial review of the body’s decision-making process may be possible.

  • In some cases it is possible to prevent proceedings going further at an early stage. Developing an in-depth knowledge of proceedings brought against you allows us to see if this should be pursued.


Our Services

Our approach reflects our understanding that these proceedings are daunting and can be complex. We take the time to understand your situation, explain the possible consequences of the proceedings and explain your options. We can represent you during formal proceedings. Obtaining the best outcomes for our clients is our priority.

To talk to us about regulatory enforcement and disciplinary proceedings, please call our Bayswater office on freephone 0800 524 4709 to make an appointment or fill in our contact form.

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