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Licensing & Regulatory Appeals: Fees

Licensing appeals: Range of costs and fixed fee

Our fees and some of our expenses are subject to VAT (currently 20%)

Fixed fee for representation at Licencing and Regulatory hearings: 

This fee is made up of:

  • Legal fees £1,500

  • VAT on legal fees £300



Disbursements are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties, such as the application fee. We will pay the disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process.

  • Court fee (payable to HMCTS) £226*

  • Barrister fee £1,500*

  • Expert Fee: £1,500*


*These fees vary depending on the individual case and where it is located. The fees can on occasion be higher than the ranges given above. We will give you an accurate figure for each item as soon as we are able to do so.

Fee includes:

  • Taking your instructions and advising you on the merits and grounds of appeal

  • Providing guidance on the prospects of success at court of tribunal;

  • Preparing copies of the appeal bundle or disclosure to the responsible authorities and serving copies of the application on the responsible authorities.

  • Drafting the grounds and skeleton arguments to be advances to the court or tribunal

  • Checking the licence once granted and correcting any errors with the licensing authority.

The fee does not include:

  • attending pre-consultation meetings with the Licensing Authority or Responsible Authorities, nor their fee for this meeting.

  • dealing with or advising you in relation to queries or representations received from either the responsible authorities or other interested parties

  • advising on varying the licence

  • attendance and representation at a licensing sub-committee hearing of the responsible authority. If representations are received and attendance and representation at a licensing sub-committee is required then we will provide a separate fee estimate for this work which will be charged at an hourly rate.

How long will my application take?

Matters usually take 3-6 months from receipt of full instructions from you. This is on the basis of the application being relatively straightforward and you being able to provide all the necessary documents promptly. If your matter is more complex, for example, if there is substantial opposition from interested parties, or if there is a delay in receiving the documents we need, it may take longer.

Who will deal with you case?

Matters of this nature are usually dealt with our Zoheb Chaudhry.

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